Lakes 24 Peaks

24 Peaks challenge

The Lakes 24 Peaks Challenge

An endurance mountain walking event such as the 24 Peaks is an ideal way to raise money for your chosen charity. Let Chase Adventure’s experts safely guide you around 24 of the Lake Districts most beautiful fells, with your objective being to conquer them all in 24 hours!

The 24 Peaks Challenge is held over two days and covers just over 31 miles of mountain walking. On day one the route starts with a pleasant warm up on the shores of Buttermere on route to the first peak, Red Pike. By lunch time you’ll have reached Great Gable before setting off in the direction of Scafell Pike, then back towards Bowfell and finally down into Langdale for a well earned rest! Negotiating these first 10 peaks definitely makes day 1 the most challenging of the two days taking between 13 – 17 hours and walking approximately 18 miles.

Day Two takes in the remaining 14 peaks and starts from the top of Kirksone pass. You will immediately tackle the short but steep summit of Red Screes. From here the route takes you towards Fairfield then onto the Helvellyn range, where by you’ll feel like you’ve cracked it! The final descent from Raise leads you down to Matterdale End where you can celebrate a great achievement. Most groups complete the second day between 7-12 hours.

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Accommodation & Transport

This event usually takes place over a weekend so we can organise accommodation for two or three nights, costs will depend upon your accommodation needs. A good night’s sleep beforehand is a must so it is recommended that comfortable accommodation may be beneficial. However for those who can sleep anywhere, you are never far away from a hostel or a bunkhouse. It is recommended that you have an available driver and vehicle as you will need to have your personal belongings transported between your accommodations. We will transport you from your accommodation to the start of the event and collect you at the end of each day. We will also provide support for anyone needing to come off the mountain at the half way point. However participants will not be able to retire from the event without the support of Chase Adventure staff, therefore if there is a fitness or medical issue part way through the challenge the whole group will need to be escorted to safety together.

Preparation & Safety

Training beforehand will be of massive benefit and increase your enjoyment throughout the event. Chase adventure can provide training weekends to better prepare you for the challenge, fitness is a huge part of it but so is having the appropriate equipment and nutrition. Whilst it is possible to take part in this challenge without prior training it is not recommended, the walking can be extremely difficult for anyone who has not properly prepared. We cannot overstate the importance of getting some hill walking in before hand, it really does make a huge difference!

Equipment Required

    • Good water proof jacket and trousers
    • Good walking boots (Soft trainers are not appropriate)
    • Warm hat and gloves
    • Warm mid layers
    • Spare warm clothes in a waterproof bag
    • Walking poles can make a huge difference to your knees!
    • Sunscreen/sunhat
    • Head torch & Spare batteries
    • Hill food & Water

Typical Route

Day 1 Dist (km) Peak Ht (m)
Gatesgarth Farm – Red Pike 4.50 Red Pike 755
Red Pike – High Stile 1.20 High Stile 807
High Stile – High Crag 1.50 High Crag 744
High Crag – Green Gable 6.00 Green Gable 801
Green Gable –  Great Gable 0.80 Great Gable 899
Great Gable – Lingmell 4.20 Lingmell 807
Lingmell – Scafell Pike 1.50 Scafell Pike 978
Scafell Pike – Great End 1.80 Great End 910
Great End –  Esk Pike 1.60 Esk Pike 885
Esk Pike – Bow Fell 1.60 Bow Fell 902
Bow Fell – Stool End Farm 3.50
Day 1 Distance 28.20km
17.5 miles
Day 2
Kirkstone Pass – Red Screes 0.80 Red Screes 776
Red Screes – Dove Crag 3.30 Dove Crag 792
Dove Crag – Hart Crag 1.00 Hart Crag 822
Hart Crag – Fairfield 1.30 Fairfield 873
Fairfield – Seat Sandal 1.50 Seat Sandal 736
Seat Sandal – Dollywaggon Pike 1.60 Dollywaggon Pike 858
Dollywagon Pike – Nethermost Pike 1.30 Nethermost Pike 891
Nethermost Pike – Helvellyn 1.10 Helvellyn 950
Helvellyn – Lower Man 0.70 Lower Man 925
Lower Man – Whiteside 1.20 White Side 863
Whiteside – Raise 1.00 Raise 883
Raise – Stybarrow Dodd 1.80 Stybarrow Dodd 843
Stybarrow Dodd – Watson Dodd 1.10 Watson Dodd 789
Watson Dodd – Great Dodd 1.30 Great Dodd 857
Great Dodd – Grovebeck Fold and Finish 3.90
Day 2 Distance 22.90km
14 miles

More Information

For further details on this challenge and to discuss availability and schedule please call Steve or Lucy on either 07514070929 or 07795170823. Alternatively use the Contact Form.