Mountain Navigation

If you have a passion for hiking in the mountains, but you would like the confidence to venture off the beaten track. Then our navigation courses will give you the tools and skills needed to be safe and capable in this environment. The course will cover all aspects of navigation from map reading, understanding and following contours, working out distance and scales, understanding grid referencing, map symbols and orientation, learning how to take bearings with a compass and relocating yourself with your surroundings. Our qualified instructors have an extensive knowledge of the area and can teach you the necessary skills to have an adventurous quality mountain day.

Mountain Navigation

Points covered in the course;

  • Navigation skills.
  • Equipment choice.
  • Moving safely over steep ground.
  • Route planning.
  • Safety in the mountains.
  • Flora and fauna.
  • Access and your rights to roam.

1 Day courses from £60 per person based on two people booking.
2 Day courses from £120 per person based on two people booking.

More Information

For further details on this course and to discuss booking arrangements please call Steve or Lucy on either 07514070929 or 07795170823. Alternatively use the Contact Form.